Wenven is the pairing of Steven Smitt and Wendy White (Wen/dy and Ste/ven).

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General Information
Shipped Characters Steven Smitt and Wendy White
Length of Relationship 2008-February 11th, 2012

December 1st, 2012-present

Status Dating


Being YourselfEdit

Wendy and Steven bumped into each other and they were attracted to each other and they walked away feeling really awkward.

Being Un-Popular

Wendy needed Steven's help for a song and he did and after they had their moment they shared a kiss.

Being StupendousEdit

  • Wendy and Steven are seen holding hands.
  • Wendy and Steven does a duet which shows montage pictures of them spending their time together.

Being RomanticEdit

Wendy and Steven were caught making out in the photo booth by Lois and Murphy

Being A GraduateEdit

Wendy and Steven shared their last kiss before saying goodbye.

Throughout the series they are seen holding hands and hugging and holding each other.