Wendy WhiteEdit

Wendy White is the main protagonist of the hit show, Being Yourself.

Wendy White
Olivia White
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at Brewster High
Aliases: Wen
Family & Friends
  • Katie White (mother)
  • Julie White (sister)
  • Steven
  • Sarah
  • Austin
  • Penn
  • Dana
  • Julie
Relationships: Steven Smitt (boyfriend)
  • Lois
  • Murphy
  • Hayley
  • Martha
  • Chase
  • Ms. Kane
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Acting and Dancing
Education: Brewster High School
Talent: Singing, Acting, Dancing
Weaknesses: Bush daisies

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Series Information
First appearance: Being Yourself
Last appearance: Being A Graduate
Portrayed By: Bridgit Mendler

She experiences the biggest change of her life during the Big Showcase when she transfers from Ashfalls High School to Brewster High School. This enables her to learn more about her "craft" (acting, singing, and dancing) and make new friends. Though she is still sometimes out of her element, she is quickly learning how things work at Brewster and really doesn't know what's coming next at the anything but ordinary school.

She is portrayed by Bridgit Mendler.


Wendy is pleasant, positive, kind, short-tempered, easy-going, funny, sweet, intelligent, serious, forgiving, more mature and responsible than her sister, and can sometimes be shown to be neurotic and impatient and sometimes stresses out a lot.

Realationships with other CharactersEdit

Julie White Edit

(2010-present: Sister)

Wendy and Julie can sometimes be a little aggrivated with each other even though Julie acts like she is the boss of her sense she is older than her and Wendy tries to keep her cool and her pacient attitude against her and her and Julie have a complicated realationship.

Steven SmittEdit

(2010-present: Boyfriend)

Wendy and Steven were best friend and shoulder to lean on. Wendy and Steven became instant best friends when he and Julie were partnered up for the talent show and he begins spending a lot of time at her house, helping Julie. Steven is probably one of the main reasons that Tori stayed at Brewster High in the first place. In Later seasons, Steven became Wendy's boyfriend sense they were really good friends.

Sarah MossEdit

(2010-present: Best Friend)

Wendy and Sarah are very best friends and they are more close than all their friends combined and they share everything together and from their friendship they don't seem to have a real bad moment ever

Penn and AustinEdit

(2010-present: Good Friends)

Wendy really enjoys Penn and Austin's prensence and the fact that they are really hilarious and goofy and she enjoys them around she would use them for her crazy antics sometimes.

Lois HaggenstansEdit

(2010-present: Enemy)

Wendy and Lois were use to be best friends until, Lois and Murphy dissed her in front of a million people and sense then Lois has been acting really mean against Wendy for a really long time.

Murphy DollarEdit

(2010-present: Enemy)

Wendy and Murphy has a small enemy realationship sense they don't talk to each other.