Lois HaggenstansEdit

Lois Haggenstans
Lois 2
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5'8" (198 cm)
Occupation(s): Student at Brewster High
Family & Friends
  • Harold Haggenstans (father)
  • Marge Haggenstans (mother)
  • Murphy
  • Sarah
Relationships: Jason (boyfriend)
Enemies: Everyone (except friends)
Other Information
Interests: Singing , Acting , Dancing and Fashion
Education: Brewster High School
Talent: Singing , Acting, Dancing and Fashion
  • Tests
  • Being Un-Popular
Series Information
First appearance: Being Un-Popular (debut)
Last appearance: Being A Graduate
Portrayed By: Jessica Sanchez

Lois Haggenstans is the main antagonist in the series Being Yourself.


Lois is jealous, often insatiable, mean and rude to many people. She shows authority and control at Brewster High, yelling at others and using force. She is very jealous and possessive of Jason.

She is also more of a girly girl and she enjoys showing off her fashion meaning, everyday it's always something surprising or fabulous or sexy.

Lois is also more aggresive and serious when it comes with show bisiness and she will do whatever it takes to get Wendy out of the picture.

Relationship with other charactersEdit

Murphy DollerEdit

(2010-present: Best Friend)

Murphy and Lois share everything together and they are always on each other sides even though sometimes Lois can get a little aggrivated with Murphy's dumb moments and can sometimes be mean to her but, they are still good friends,

Wendy WhiteEdit

(2010-present: Worst Enemy)

When Wendy and Lois first met they seem to have nothing in common until, Wendy began lying to her saying that her father owns 3 hotels and that she is the assistant manager of Mega Records and Lois was really surprised of her and made her her friend until, she found out about her dirty secret and emberassed her infront of a whole bunch of people and they hate each other gravley.

Sarah MossEdit

(2010-present: Friend)

Lois has been lying to Sarah for their whole relationship and she was only using her to get info on Wendy

Steven SmittEdit

(2010-present: Friend, Flirt)

Throughout the series, Lois has been showing some signs of her flirting with Steven and how she was also using him as info for Wendy.



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