Being YourselfEdit

Being Yourself
Season 1, Episode 1
Song kdmk
First Aired March 27th, 2010
Production Code 101
Writer(s) Xavier Jackson
Director(s) Xavier Jackson
Viewed By: 5.7 Million
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"Being Un-Popular"


The series premiere starts with Wendy working on a mining-related science project with her science partner, Ian. Wendy's older sister, Julie, storms into the house. Julie is very upset that her partner for the talent search audition at Brewster High is sick. Julie becomes worried, as there are going to be important talent scouts and musical industry workers at the show. Julie kicks Ian out and insists that Wendy helps her with the song that she will perform, City Lights.

Later at the audition, Julie and Wendy practices their song until, Julie's voice box gets scratched up and she couldn't sing and Wendy was forced to sing and Wendy performed and wowed the crowd with a standing ovation. Busta Rhymes comes in the room and notices Wendy's talents and he wanted to see if she could be his next big thing on Mega Records and she agrees.

Wendy along with Julie and their mom, Katie went over to the Mega Records industries and they met up with Busta and his agents and wanted to record her song and Julie ruined it by editing it and using it for her manipulating things to make herself famous and Wendy outsmarted her by switching her video to the recorded video she made a couple of days ago and she got what she wanted emberassment on television while, Wendy performs her song on tv.