Being A Prom HostEdit

Being A Prom Host
Season 2, Episode 5
First Aired May 27th, 2010
Production Code 120
Writer(s) Xavier Jackson
Director(s) Xavier Jackson
Viewed By: 5.7 Million
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"Being Locked Up!"


Steven is annoyed by the fact his mom wants him to date her new boyfriend's daughter, Samantha, cause she is so creepy and she is always making out with him and never gives his lips a break.

Meanwhile, Wendy suggests that the school should have a prom for the school early and everyone except, Lois and Murphy agreed. But the prom was scheduled the same night Lois' one woman show "Beats Don't Lie" occur so Mr. Canoworth decides to cancel the show so Wendy can have their prom and Lois is upset about it and decides to destory the prom which ends in a really bad way.


Austin and Penn decide to compete each other to ask April out which ends bad when April rejects them both and goes out with a student named, Vinnie

Second subplotEdit

Julie wants to be crowned Prom Queen, so she asks Chase to hack into Facebook and increase her votings. However, Chase only agrees to do so if Julie agrees to be his date to the Prom.Then Julie loses to Lois after Wendy changed the votes and Lois gets carried away with Andy and then Wendy performs Summertime then it starts raining and they kept on singing.